A party ain't a party unless Donald Trump has said his piece. The President-elect is the latest high profile American to comment on the ongoing Jussie Smollett fiasco, by calling out the Empire actor for what he deems "racist and dangerous" commentary. If you've been following the case, you know that Smollett was taken into custody after the information he provided law enforcement officials in the initial police report was proven false.

The Chicago PD adamantly believes that Smollett orchestrated his own kidnapping because he wanted Empire showrunners to empathize with his plight, and consequently sign off on a raise in salary.

Trump's Twitter, however unjustified, is based around the fact Jussie Smollett used the term "MAGA" in the incident report that was proven fraudulent. Back then, Smollett indicated that his attackers yelled "MAGA," short for "Make America Great Again," as they poured a cleaning agent over his body, and tied a noose to his neck.

So in short, Trump is mad that his hardwon slogan was used against him yet again, and secondly: you get a sense the Republican chair resents the fact, left-leaning political figures sided with Smollett before the incidental facts could be disseminated. I'd score this one a majority draw Smollet - 0, Trump - 0, with zero chance of reprisal.