JK Rowling is calling out Donald Trump after he misspelled a word in the very same tweet where he brags about his skill as a writer. Trump's mistake was in the difference between the word "pore" and "pour." This prompted Rowling to call him "The Gratest Writer on earth." Trump, or someone on his PR team, took Rowling's comments to heart and deleted the original tweet, reposting it with the correct spelling of "pore," as in to pour over a book.

Such an opportunity to mock trump was too ripe for just Rowling to chime in. The Twitter account of the Merriam-Webster dictionary also posted a quick guide on the difference between "pour-over" ("to make expensive coffee"), to "pore over" ("to read or study carefully") and, as an added jab at the president, a "comb-over." Rowling also pointed out that Trump is not really a best-selling writer, seeing that all of his books are ghost-written. 

Although, he altered the original tweet, it's unlikely that Trump's writing style or his claims about being a best-selling author will change. His style is specific to say the least and some parts of it have accidentally stumbled into a dialogue with literary history. He says in his tweet: "I capitalize certain words only for emphasis, not b/c they should be capitalized!" Trump is not the first person to do this. The great American poet, Emily Dickinson, was capitalizing words that were not supposed to be capitalized way back in the 19th century. It seems JK Rowling does not see this aspect of Trump's style, or rather, after all he's done and said, she doesn't care.