President Donald Trump is reportedly considering a reboot of his infamous reality TV show The Apprentice, following his presumed departure from the White House in 2021.

Donald Trump, The ApprenticeTasos Katopodis / Getty Images

The Daily Beast reports that "two people with direct knowledge of the situation, and another person close to the president" confirmed that Trump has discussed the idea of bringing back the series.

Trump created the show in partnership with Mark Burnett, but the sources could not say whether the President has been in contact with the television producer.

“Mark’s an opportunist. Trump was his meal ticket before and he’s keen to bring the show back to life, especially in the face of the disaster MGM has become,” the source told the Daily Beast.

The notion that Trump would return to The Apprentice has been floated in the past during Trump's presidency; however, he has denied any plans to do so: "Fake News is reporting that I am talking to Mark Burnett about doing a big show, perhaps The Apprentice, after the presidency, which I would assume they mean in 5 years. This is not true, never had such a conversation, don’t even have time to think about it. False reporting!," he tweeted in 2019.