Sure, Lil Jon may not be as impactful today as he once was. However, he deserves to have some respect on his name. He did come up with "Get Low" at the end of the day and he was at the forefront of the "crunk" movement. He hasn't had a hit in years but his name is still well-known across the country. You would think that Donald Trump, who happily hosted him on The Celebrity Apprentice a few years back, would remember him. They've posed for pictures together and he actually made it pretty far in his season. However, Trump revealed that he has no clue who the rapper is during a recent presser.

The President of the United States is constantly making headlines for the ridiculous things he says on social media and in real life. When confronted about race issues during a press conference, Trump denied ever making racist remarks, which Omarosa has accused him of. The interviewer also asked about Lil Jon's allegation that Trump referred to him as "Uncle Tom." When faced with all the comments, the President impatiently shut them down and said he has no clue who Lil Jon even is. Jon almost made it to the season finale of The Apprentice so it's hard to believe that the rapper has completely been scrubbed from his memory. He does deal with a lot on a daily basis though. Maybe it was just a moment of forgetfulness.