Donald Trump started out as a President who was always about free speech. Pundits saw him as someone who said whatever came to his mind, regardless of how outlandish it was. Of course, once he got into office, it became quite clear that he only cared for his own free speech. Anyone with dissenting opinions was ousted from his staff. As for the general population, well, it's quite clear that Trump isn't fond of people protesting against his administration. If you've been following the news lately, you would know this to be the case.

Well, now, Trump is taking aim at the NFL, and today, he came through with a stern warning for the league. Simply put, kneelers be damned.

"Tony Fauci has nothing to do with NFL Football. They are planning a very safe and controlled opening. However, if they don’t stand for our National Anthem and our Great American Flag, I won’t be watching," Trump wrote.

The NFL, which makes billions of dollars every year in TV sponsorship, probably won't miss the President's business. After all, they tried so hard to keep him from buying the Buffalo Bills just a few years ago. The only reason why this even matters is because Trump is the President.

If you're Roger Goodell, you're probably going to bed just fine with this information.