The support of Goya continues from the Trump clan. Recently, Goya's CEO Robert Unanue praised America's president by stating, "We are all truly blessed... to have a leader like President Trump who is a builder... We have an incredible builder, and we pray. We pray for our leadership, our president." Swiftly, Unanue received a bit of backlash for his remarks, and this caused both Ivanka Trump and President Trump to pose with cans of Goya beans and the like.

While people debate whether or not these moves are federal ethics violations for the White House, CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo has had it. The television analyst and brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo blasted Trump for his recent Goya photo. "You tell me how a president in the middle of a pandemic has got time for this bullsh*t. Are you kidding me?" said Cuomo. "Hawking products. Goya, I don't care who it is."

"Resolute Desk. This is what he's resolute about," Cumo adds, speaking about Trump taking the photo at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. "Pandemic priorities. His daughter, Ivanka, top White House advisor. Are you kidding me? Marketing for a brand following calls for boycotts after Goya's CEO heaped praise on Trump last week. On your dime in the middle of a pandemic. They're selling beans. Are you kidding me? Seriously?" 

He added that this isn't about left or right politics, but about the American people. Watch Chris Cuomo below.