President Donald Trump's Twitter has always been unhinged, to say the least. From calling people in his administration incompetent to calling the mainstream media "Fake News," there is no end to what Trump will tweet on any given day. Today though, in anticipation of his Agricultural Improvement Act, the President shared an old video from the 2006 Emmy Awards, of him and Megan Mullally singing the theme song to Green Acres.

The tweet was interesting strategy, to say the least, considering the bill is being used to help farmers who have been hit negatively affected by Trump's trade war with China, according to Mashable

In an interview with Politico today, Trump's former social media director Justin McConney spoke about the president's foray into the world of Twitter and what it was like when he learned how to tweet saying "was comparable to the moment in Jurassic Park when Dr. Grant realized that velociraptors could open doors ... I was like, 'Oh no.'" In the same interview, McConney suggested the President have more of a sense of humor instead of bashing other people all the time.

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