It's a sad day for those MAGA-loving Facebook users who were hopingg to see their favorite former president on the popular app. There was much talk about Trump in the days leading up to and following his Stop The Steal rally on January 6. The insurrection that occurred caused a firestorm on social media, as many of us witnessed, andthousands of users on sites like Twitter and Facebook were suspended or banned for publishing material that was deemed incideiary, harmful, or hateful speech.

Trump found himself on that list of suspended users and he's been battling it out with Facebook to be reistated. However, the Facebook Oversight Board, which CNN describes as the group that makes the "most difficult decisions for the company," ruled that Trump's suspension will remain.

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It's reported that Facebook listed Trump's suspension as "indefinite," but the board demanded that Facebook review the former president's ban and decide if it would be permanent. CNN states that it's a decision that the board could have made themselves, but they may not want to get their hands dirty. It also forces CEO Mark Zuckberg to address these issues publicly as complaints roll in and people continue to ask how Facebook is monitoring individuals, including political figures, from spreading false information (think QAnon, Pizzagate, etc.) or inciting violence.

For now, Trump remains banned, and this news follows Twitter's decision to permanently keep him off of their platform. However, he's created his own communications site that reads much like a blog where he has unleashed every thought on political and celebrity figures, conspiracy theories, and, of course, that the election was stolen from him.

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