Each and every day, some of us wake up wondering how President Donald Trump will manage to make a mockery out of the United States once more. It seems that he's become quite the expert at tainting the country's reputation, appearing to overseas onlookers as a joke of a leader. If you take a trip to, well, literally anywhere in the world and ask about Trump, you will likely hear laughter and banter about how ridiculous his term has been as the man in charge of the White House. Those of you who were asking yourselves when he would strike with his latest stupid post need to look no further than the President's most recent upload on Twitter.

For some reason, Donald Trump just posted a photo of himself shirtless, edited on top of Rocky Balboa's body. Currently facing impeachment, Trump is out here acting a fool, not caring one bit about what anybody thinks of him and continuing to just embarrass himself in front of the entire world. The doctored image was posted without any accompanying caption so the dedicated people of the United States were left wondering exactly why he even shared the pic. Needless to say, it has already racked up over 91K retweets and has garnered even more reactions.

How do you feel about President Trump?