New reports by VICE indicate that the 45th president has spent big bucks on Facebook ads to ensure everyone knows it's his birthday. Trump will be turning 73 years old this past Friday, or perhaps 72, according to the 10,000 ads pushed by his Facebook account in the recent months. The ad reveals an image of a grinning Trump accompanied by his family and it urges users to collectively sign a card to honor the president's additional year of life. You may have seen an ad circling around Facebook a few days before Trump's birthday and showing the following message: "HURRY! President Trump's birthday is TOMORROW! He’ll read the name of every supporter who signs his card when we present it to him on his birthday. Will he see your name?"

The purchased birthday ads are believed to be a part of Trump's 2020 media strategy for his re-election. Moreover, the users who clicked on the ads were redirected to offer "gobs of contact information to help the president’s re-election effort build out voter lists that will be crucial to raising money." A deadline was also proposed and urged supporters to act fast. The latter stems from what is believed to be a digital savvy Trump campaign his media strategists have built out to collect some form of voter data.