Yesterday was a massive day for the NBA as numerous teams decided to boycott their games in protest of the racial injustice that is going on in the United States. After the shooting of Jacob Blake by police, various players are fed up and believe it is about time that they take a stand that will shake politicians to their very core. In fact, it seemed like the season as a whole was going to be canceled, until this morning when the players opted to get back into the swing of things, aiming for a Friday or Saturday restart.

As you can imagine, President Donald Trump was asked about these recent protest efforts, and well, he wasn't too fond of them. The President despises those who kneel during the anthem and he has also described Black Lives Matter protesters as ANTIFA thugs. With this in mind, he took aim at the NBA saying that people are starting to get fed up with the league and that they have turned into a political organization.

These words from the President were to be expected although it's certainly disheartening to see his lack of support for those who want to fight for what is right. It's been said that those who fight against injustice are the most patriotic people of all but when it comes to the NBA, that concept goes out the window, at least in the eyes of President Trump.

Needless to say, he won't be watching the NBA's return to action this weekend.