Whether you're a Democrat or Republican, a Southerner or Yankee, American or Canadian, you would probably agree with us that this year's election for President of the United States of America is the most exciting/horrifying/bizarre/hilarious/nauseating and important election we've had in this country probably ever.

Who are the contenders?

  • Donald Trump, the notorious womanizing millionaire, at war with Hillary Clinton and his own demons.
  • Hillary Clinton, former First Lady and Secretary of State, battling with a highly unpredictable opponent and her own excessive resume.
  • Neither, if only.

We here at HNHH want to see what YOU think - underage Trump trolls and otherwise. We've heard what your favorite rappers think, but now its time to give the rap fans a chance to stand up and have their collective voice heard.

Vote below, and may God have mercy on our souls.