Donald Trump has often spoken about obtained certain demographic "votes," often under so-called ethnic lines. His latest Twitter rant is sure to ruffle a few feathers. About an hour ago, Trump penned a message regarding "African-American Unemployment" as he worded it. 

What Donald Trump manages to f*ck up is that people aren't votes, even collectively speaking. The denotation of a voting sector is akin to stripping those people of their humanism, and subsequently your own if you make that mistake in judgment. Of course, Donald Trump's face is more likely to end up at the wrong end of an archery workshop than it would a training video on the ethical stance of "humanism."

If Donald Trump wants to appeal to a voting demographic, the first he might consider would be to address them by the proper grounds, and on their grounds. Twitter continues to be a minefield so long as Donald holds his posting privileges. Just two hours ago jumped on the same platform to celebrate Kanye's "MAGA" stunt, and hours before that he defended his complicity in the FBI investigation of Judge Kavanagh. His triplet of Twitter postings suffice in explaining the frustration of dealing with Trumpisms on a daily basis. To be clear, a Trumpism is by definition the combination of a falsity and a cliche, expressed at a middle school level of dictation.