Donald Trump's 2021 isn't going quite how he planned. The one-term president will be leaving office in a matter of days. His loss will be highlighted by the riot in Washington DC this past week. The mayhem caused the death of five people, including a cop. It has forced many Republicans that backed Trump to turn their backs on him, even devout Trumpers like Sen. Lindsey Graham. Social media sites have banned him as well, as if he was a teenager in a Call of Duty chat room. However, there's been one unlikely Trump cut that has his followers angered.

Trump's cameo in Home Alone 2 may be his second-best acting performance (please watch Trump on WWE), but our upstairs neighbors in Canada aren't feeling it anymore. The scene where Macaulay Culkin's Kevin McCallister asks Trump for directions while lost in New York was clipped from the film. This happened years ago, but now Americans who knew (or just caught wind) of this fact have turned to Twitter to demand the US does the same.

To be fair, Trump's scene was not cut in all of Canada. The Canadian Broadcasting Company cut the scene, and some others, to allow for more commercial time. They were met with heavy backlash from Trump supporters in America, and even a few Canadian conservatives felt some type of way.