President Donald Trump has done and said a lot of outrage-inducing things throughout his presidency and recently, he did it again, this time on his favorite platform, Twitter. As many of you know, there are mass protests happening throughout the country against police brutality. Specifically, these protests are happening in Minnesota where George Floyd was murdered on camera by a police officer. Trump has been made fully aware of these protests and he is clearly not a fan of the citizens exercising their democratic right.

In light of this, he took to Twitter with some chilling commentary, saying that the military could be called into Minnesota and said "when the looting starts, the shooting starts."

These words sent shockwaves throughout social media as it became apparent what the President was trying to say. Essentially, Trump has no issue with killing his own people if they are caught looting and protesting. It's a statement that you simply wouldn't expect from an acting President and social media had quite a bit to say about it all.

In the tweets you will see below, many are comparing Trump to other fascist leaders while many are scared about what this could mean for our future. Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden had a lot to say about this too and it's clear he is upset by what is going on.

If there is one thing for sure, we are living in dark times right now.