Donovan Mitchell found himself in a bit of a predicament last week after it was revealed that he was diagnosed with the Coronavirus. This happened only a few hours after his teammate, Rudy Gobert was given the same diagnosis. What made this case special is the fact that Gobert was acting very recklessly prior to testing positive. In fact, it's been reported that many Jazz players are upset with Gobert and that he could be a real problem in the locker room, moving forward.

Today, Mitchell was on Good Morning America where he spoke about his diagnosis and how it was pretty scary at first, despite not having any symptoms. At one point, Mitchell was asked about Gobert and while he tried to dodge it, he gave a diplomatic answer.

“It took a while for me to kind of cool off and I read what he said and I heard what he said, so I’m glad he’s doing okay,” Mitchell said. “At the end of the day neither him or I have children at home. I know I have teammates that have children, staff that have children at home, so I’m glad that we were able to kind of contain it as much as possible.”

It will be interesting to see how this plays out among Jazz players moving forward as this is no laughing matter. In a way, Gobert was responsible for the entire shutdown of sports throughout the world.