As of right now, the NBA is embroiled in a situation unlike any they have ever encountered. There is a very good reason for this as the entire world is trying to battle the Coronavirus and all that comes with it. In order to keep all of the players safe and out of harm's way, the NBA has created a bubble in Orlando, Florida, as a way to keep any unnecessary people away from the players. This has proven to be an effective move as not a single player has tested positive for the virus since entering the bubble.

However, the NBA has been very strict when it comes to enforcing the bubble and if players need to leave for any sort of reason, they need to quarantine for a few days when they get back. This can lead to missed games, which ultimately hurt your team. Mike Conley of the Utah Jazz is in the midst of experiencing this as he went home to see the birth of his child.

Now, Conley is back in the bubble and has been stuck in his hotel room due to the enforced quarantine. Conley and his Jazz teammate Donovan Mitchell made light of this reality, as Mitchell took to Instagram with a video of Conley up against his hotel window, looking sad that he can't be with his teammates.

Mitchell re-iterated that they would all be back together soon, as they look to defeat the Denver Nuggets in the first round of the playoffs.

Their series is tied 1-1 and they will be needing Conley in the backcourt if they want to have the best shot at winning.