A lot of readers mentioned wanting to hear more from Raury when it was announced that 17-year-old emcee earned himself the Kanye West stamp of approval earlier this week. Fortunately for them, Indigo Child has officially been released to the interwebs.

Released directly through Raury's official site, the LP requires that fans either share the LP on social media or score 15,000 points on the album's accompanying game to earn their free download. The game is pretty simple: you use your arrow keys to navigate a skateboarder through animated city streets without crashing. Don't feel comfortable sharing the link on your Twitter feed? Good luck getting the necessary points--it's not as easy as it sounds.  

Download Indigo Child today and see what all of the genre-mashing hype is about. For more from Raury, be sure to follow the up-and-comer on Twitter. 

Peep the album artwork and tracklist in the gallery above.

[Edit: now available to download on HNHH below]