Dr.Dre has demonstrated his insistence on perfection time and time again. When his collaboration with Anderson .Paak was announced, some fans feared the album would be released after an ungodly delay. The worriers can now rejoice as the artists confirm the completion of Anderson's Oxnard

.Paak celebrated the end of their process with a message of gratitude. The entertainer was recently pulled back into the studio for some finishing touches and is stoked to inform his following that this stint was his last when it comes to the release of his upcoming record. He does, however, specify that edits will most likely occur after the release. Time will tell if this statement points to the drop of a revamped version of the project. 

He thanks his fans for the support and ends the message with a triumphant "YES LAWD."

"WE DONE! ( for the 4th time 😂 ) we prolly gonna be making edits to this sh*t after it’s out Lolol Shouts out to @drdre my nigga put his all into this album as if it was his own🚫🧢 😭 WE REALLY CARE ABOUT WHAT WE DO AND WHAT YOU ARE HEARING! thank you to my beautiful family all the producers, musicians writers engineers ( especially mine! ) attorneys A&R’s art designers runners managers accountants and assistants !"