The legal battle between Dr. Dre and his estranged wife Nicole Young just keeps on getting messier and messier.

Most recently, the couple was reportedly battling over their prenup. Nicole claims that, because he ripped up the official documents in a show of affection to her two years after their marriage, they're no longer valid. Dr. Dre believes the contrary, trying to protect his billion-dollar empire.

As their divorce is looming, Dre is reportedly trying to get back all of his belongings from the house Nicole is staying at. She has been living on the beach in Malibu while Dre stays at their Brentwood mansion. Sending someone over to collect some of his personal belongings last month, Nicole is said to have refused the courier entry, which Dre has filed legal documents about.

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According to The Blast, the legendary producer is calling out his estranged wife for failing to give back his stuff.

"Mr. Young sent someone to Malibu this morning to pick up some of his personal belongings (something Ms. Young does almost daily at the Brentwood home)," writes Dr. Dre's legal representative to Nicole Young's team in a letter on July 30. "At first, your client said ok, but after walking away for 5 minutes (assumedly to call your office) she came back and rejected the request."

Dre's attorney elaborates, naming the items that he has tried to retrieve: "The items in question are Mr. Young’s golf clubs, his motorcycle, and his registered firearm for return to the gun safe at [the Brentwood home]."

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We'll keep you posted on any developments in their divorce.