It hasn't been an easy year for the Young family but, thankfully, Dr. Dre is doing what he can to remind his children that he'll always have their backs.

After twenty-four years of marriage to Nicole Young, the legendary producer/artist is in the midst of an ugly divorce, in which both sides have hurled accusations and insults at the other. Dre and Nicole's children, and especially their daughter Truly Young, have been harassed on social media with comments about their parents. Truice Young, Dre's son, has been relatively silent about the divorce but, this week, he got closer to his father by getting matching ink on his forearm.

"Just got matching tattoos with my son @truiceyoung," wrote Dr. Dre, who showed off the music-inspired piece. "It’s in the DNA. California Love!!"

The new tattoos were done by Doctor Woo, who has already tattooed Truice Young in the past.

At 55-years-old, Dre is finally starting to fill up his arms with new ink but clearly, the art must be important for him to even consider going through so much pain. This time, he bonded with his son to show off their new pieces, which will keep them close forever. 

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