When we spoke with Xzibit about contributing to Dr. Dre's classic album 2001, one of his fondest memories happened to be witnessing the recording of "Lolo (Intro)." "He actually brought a Lowrider to the parking lot of Encore,” marveled X. “Miked it up from front to back, so you could hear the hydraulics. How the car crashed. They hopped the car in the parking lot and recorded it. With chords all the way back to the studio. It was the craziest shit I ever saw!”

Xzibit Dr. Dre

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Clearly, Xzibit's love for lowriders didn't end there. On "Front 2 Back," his classic single from the 2000 album Restless, the iconic sound made a triumphant return as part of the instrumental. Not to mention Pimp My Ride, a touchy subject for loyal Xzibit fans but an integral part of his career all the same. Of course, Pimp My Ride wasn't exclusively about lowriders, but it positioned Xzibit as a man about his automobiles. And some things don't change -- anyone who follows X to the Z on Instagram can attest to his epic car collection, and he recently took a moment to show off a treasured ride to the Good Doctor himself, Dr. Dre.

Between studio sessions, X brought Dre outside for an impromptu car show, blasting the Compton banger "All In A Day's Work," while popping the hood to reveal the inner workings. Upon witnessing the pristine machinery, Dre's jaw drops -- "I want one of those." Check out the impeccable car below, and though the days of Pimp My Ride are long gone, it's clear that Xzibit's appreciation for the finer things hasn't dulled in the slightest.