Nearly a year after Dr. Dre and Nicole Young announced their divorce, the pair is just that much closer to their legal split. The contentious divorce has played out in real-time as Dre and Nicole battle it out over their billion-dollar empire, and there have been accusations slung left and right. Nicole has alleged that her estranged husband was physically abusive and stated he was carrying on multiple affairs. Dr. Dre has denied her allegations.

The megaproducer was recently declared legally single and it's a sign that he and his wife may reach a solution sooner than later. The Daily Mail reports that Dre's attorneys were in court once again yesterday (April 27), and during the hearing, the Aftermath mogul was ordered to pay Nicole's divorce lawyers $500K.

Dr. Dre, Nicole Young, Divorce
Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

Young reportedly wants Dre to dish out $2 million per month in support as well as pay her $5 million in attorney fees. Instead, a Los Angeles judge issued the half-million-dollar judgment and will reevaluate other aspects of the divorce at their next hearing on July 8. It's reported that Dre will also have to cough up that $500K within 10 days.

After suffering from a brain aneurysm earlier this year, Dr. Dre reportedly gave his wife $2 million. Nicole has made claims that Dre has $260 million in cash and Apple stocks. She also added that in their 24 years of marriage, they spent approximately $2.4 million per month to keep up with their lifestyle.