On Friday, we got some new photos of Dr. Dre in the studio with KXNG Crooked, Smitty, and Focus, courtesy of Focus’ private IG account. Focus posted three of the hip hop artists in the studio together, alongside the caption “You see it!!! Group of kings…”


Crooked also shared one of the photos to his Twitter account, where he Tweeted, “I told the [goat emoji] I’m on a mission with this one!” Both Crooked and Dr. Dre are originally from California, with Crooked formerly being signed to Death Row. All signs point to the west coast natives cooking up some new music in the studio, so hopefully, we’ll hear more about what they’re up to soon. For now, however, we just have these photos, but it looks like everyone’s having a pretty good time. 

Seeing Dr. Dre out and about is certainly uplifting for many, especially after he was forced to recover from a serious brain aneurysm in early January. Brain aneurysms are very often fatal, so the hip hop community rallied behind the megaproducer and hoped the best for his health. On January 15th, it was reported that Dr. Dre successfully made it home and would be finishing his recovery there. On Thursday, he was spotted on a dinner date with Apryl Jones in Hollywood, so he appears to be doing pretty well. 

In any case, it’s nice to see the music icon back to doing what he does best: making music.