Truly Young, the daughter of Dr. Dre and Nicole Young, has been quiet regarding her parents' divorce. Their battle in court has been ugly, resulting in a small victory for Dre this week after a judge shut down Nicole's attempt to get $1.5 million for security and other expenses. At times, Truly has opened up to comment on the divorce, but only after family friends started bashing her mother.

Once 50 Cent and Xzibit both spoke about Nicole's request for $2 million every month in spousal support, Truly couldn't stay silent any longer.

"Haha... coming from an ugly, washed up, early 2000s rapper who filed for bankruptcy and is only envious of my family's wealth and lifestyle. Have fun spending the rest of your savings on steroids. Fuck you," wrote Truly on 50 Cent's post. 

When Xzibit got involved, she shared some words for him too.

"Wow Alvin... After everything my parents have done for you and your family, this is how you respond to a picture of my parents and I, and a quote calling my mom a bitch... fuck you," she said to X.

Ever since Nicole Young and Dr. Dre filed for divorce earlier this year, Truly has been bombarded with hateful comments about her mother, which is unfair to her since she literally has nothing to do with what's going on. 

On one specific picture of her parents still together for a throwback, the comments got downright malicious.

"Your moms a hoe," said one person. "Look at that gold digger", he added. "Your mother is a home wrecker that’s why she’s getting just what she deserves," said another person. There are even some transphobic comments thrown in there, with some people calling Nicole Young a man and saying that Truly inherited her "Jay Leno chin". 

It's a shame but Truly might want to think about turning off her comments, or at least limiting them to her friends.