This is one of the ugliest divorces we've ever seen play out in pop culture.

Dr. Dre and Nicole Young were seemingly happily married for nearly twenty-four years but, this year, they shockingly filed for divorce. After spending so many years together, you would think that they would want their separation to be amicable. However, with Dre's billion-dollar fortune at stake, they both decided to get downright vicious.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In one of the first decisions to come out of their divorce proceedings, Dre took the win after Nicole Young was shut down by a judge after requesting Dre pay her $1.3 million security tab. As things continue to heat up, Nicole has decided to air out some more dirty laundry, reportedly exposing three of Dre's mistresses and asking them to testify in their divorce case.

As per an exclusive report by DailyMail, Nicole Young is attempting to subpoena three women, who were allegedly the mega-producer's mistresses. The women include singer Jillian Speer, former model Kili Anderson, and Latin hip-hop artist Crystal Rogers.

All three women are reportedly fighting off Nicole's attempts for them to testify. 

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Dr. Dre and Nicole Young are currently at a standstill in their divorce case as they wait to hear from a Los Angeles Superior judge to determine whether their prenup agreement is still valid. Dre argues that it is while Nicole claims that, in a romantic gesture made two years after their marriage, Dre ripped up the papers. 

We'll keep you posted on this new development, as well as any updates in this case.