Dr. Dre and Nicole Young's court proceedings have revealed that things certainly have not been peachy in their household. It began last year when Young filed divorce papers in court before requesting $2M in spousal support and saying that their prenup is invalid. Dre has reportedly put her up in their home in Malibu but according to TMZ, Young is seeking access to Dre's home in Brentwood to pick up a few of her belongings.

Mark Davis/Getty Images

Nicole said in court documents that she left their home in April 2020 with the "bare minimum." She said it was largely due to Dre rushing her out of the home because he was reportedly drunk, yelling, "F**k you. Get the fuck out. Go to Malibu."

Nicole said that she left tons of luxury items such as a plethora of high-end handbags, clothing, and 20 fur coats which were stored in a "cedar and temperature-controlled" closet. Nicole is worried Dre might pack up her things and send them to storage which probably would ruin whatever preservation that the "cedar and temperature-controlled" closet helped with. 

The sudden motion to get access to the home occurs after Nicole said she observed a few women posting videos from the inside of their home who she believes were wearing her clothes. She cited a certain instance when one of Dre's alleged mistresses shared posted a photo in his bathroom while wearing what seemed to be her Chanel slides. 

Additionally, she's concerned about the massive parties Dre supposedly throws at the house including a bash for the NBA Playoffs in October. She said that she thinks someone will damage her stuff soon enough.