It's been a while since we've seen Dr. Evil. The character is a staple of the Austin Powers film series and despite living in a hidden lair in an unknown part of the world, he has surprisingly indicated his willingness to run for Congress. It all went down on Jimmy Fallon's late night TV show when Mike Myers' iconic character made an appearance, detailing what he would change in the world.

With mid-term elections going down today, Dr. Evil is adding his name to a growing list of people who want you to go out and vote. The prank opened up Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show as he vowed to "Make America Evil Again," introducing his "Five points of evil" plan. Nobody was safe as the Mike Myers character sarcastically referred to himself as "white Cory Booker," taking aim at Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump Jr. as well. When asked if he was representing the Democrat or Republican party, he noted that he was actually part of a new regime he's calling "Eviltarian." He won over most of us when he outlined his not-so-evil plan to legalize marijuana but then Dr. Evil said he would be changing the national anthem to "Baby Shark." If there's anything more horrific than that, we don't want to know.

He seems like a pretty endearing choice, to be honest. Remember to head out to the polls today and watch the video below.