Last week Dr. Oz went head to head with Mark Wahlberg fighting his claim that breakfast is an important meal of the day. "I would eat normally but I skip breakfast, I skip lunch. I feel stronger than ever because I’m intermittent fasting, which you should learn more about,” Dr. Oz said to Mark. Now that a new week is here, the 59-year-old is now claiming that the Coronavirus (that has infected 2000 individuals in China leading to 80 deaths) shouldn't' worry any Americans even though cases have been confirmed on US soil.

Lawrence Busacca/Getty Images

TMZ caught Dr. Oz in the streets of New York and asked him about his thoughts on the airborne virus. "Listen, it's a bad virus because it gets into your lungs and that's why it's so difficult to get rid of," he said. "I'm not that worried about the U.S. yet. Although it's contagious it doesn't seem so deadly to fear." Dr. Oz detailed further how the virus is difficult to source since someone can be a carrier and not know it. 

On the topic of how the illness caught the name of a popular beer, apparently it's due to the image of the virus under a microscope. "When you go to medical school you're not elected for your creativity. We literally describe what the virus looks like and the Coronavirus looks like a crown," he said.