Dr. Oz believes Kanye West is demonstrating sure signs of distress that derive from straying from anti psychotic medication. TMZ caught up with him on the streets of Manhattan where he relayed his concern Kanye's state of mind. Oz doted on 'Ye's privileged state, for having survived an opioid addiction. If you hadn't heard, Kanye reportedly went under knife (liposuction), because he "didn't want y'all to call me fat like y'all called Rob (Kardashian) at the wedding." His cause for meticulousness isn't without a real concern for body issues plaguing his mental state. Unfortunately his in-law Rob caught the worst of the tirade. Oz believes Kanye isn't simply acting out of principle. The rapper recently decreased the dosage of his medication. The effects of which have seen him use flippant language towards his closest of kin. Some elements of the story are subject to interpretation.

Oz may have overstepped his bounds when he included in his diagnosis of Kanye's antics, a harrowing reminder of the rapper's stunted bereavement period. Kanye has suffused a message of remembrance for his late mother Donda, in his music and art projects. Oz believes Kanye didn't grieve his late mother the right way. Couple that with the fact opioids and antipsychotics are diametrically opposed in a lot of ways. In his experience, "a wide window of safety," can be detrimental if the right balance of medication is not maintained.