Dr. Phil has had a hand in creating some of hip-hop's most surprising stars. Of course, we're referring to Bhad Bhabie, who blew up online after yelling "Catch me outside, how 'bout that" on his show. The most recent instance of ludicrousness on his program has to have been when a black teen insisted to Phil that she was actually white, saying that she thinks black people are "ugly" and that she simply can't relate to them. At this point, Dr. Phil has been on our screens for many years and his show was just extended through 2023. To celebrate the news, he was a guest on The View where he spoke about the renewal, also touching on Kanye West's mental health and the current President.

One of the hosts asked Phil a question about Kanye West's mental health and his recent visit to the Oval Office, to which McGraw said, "Is he indeed suffering? He seems to me to be well-oriented." He goes on to explain that in his opinion, Kanye is a highly functional man who is very talented. However, he does say that West should be held accountable for what he says, which I'm sure we can all agree on. "I don't think that he is insane to the point where he needs to be in a sheltered environment and if he is then he should be institutionalized," closed the talk show host.

On his show, Dr. Phil has seen and helped many people with mental health issues. If he says Kanye is a functional human, maybe we should all follow suit.