Dr. Phil met the latest teen sensation to come on his show with the most outrageous attitude and convictions, after the infamous Danielle Bergoli aka Bhad Bhabie. Treasure, a 15-year-old Black girl, claims to be White. She holds on to this identity despite her dark skin and Black family while also harboring hate towards Black people with an unapologetic racist perspective against them.

The Breakfast Club welcomed Dr. Phil to discuss the hot topic. When asked about Treasure, the first words out of Phil's mouth were, " She drove me crazy." He admits to being skeptical about her sincerity.

"When you get somebody that's that radical, the first thing you do is think, 'Is this a put on.'"

Although her claims were questionable, his show took on the girl and her family. The production routinely investigates their guests' situations thoroughly before bringing people on his show. According to their assessment of Treasure's case,  the girl's mother was "desperate" for help.

In Dr. Phil's opinion, although Treasure's beliefs are absurd and based in "trauma," the concept of being transracial is valid.

"You identify with what you learn [...] It's not your genetics, it's your identity."

The discussion also made a parallel between Treasure and Bhad Bhabie. The hosts pointed out how other kids might want to "come on the show and act up after witnessing the rising rap star's fame. 

Phil thinks Bhad Bhabie has returned to a "very dysfunctional situation" where the silver lining lies in how "they've turned it into a cash cow." He recounts the time Danielle came back to the show for a follow-up. 

Hear what went down behind the scenes in the clip below.