Dragon Ball FighterZ is one of the best Dragon Ball games ever created. While it's hard to argue with classics like Dragon Ball Z: Budokai, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and Tenkaichi, Dragon Ball FighterZ takes several attributes from its predecessors. The gorgeous graphics bring the colorful anime to life while the intricate battle system allows for some of the most epic specials in all of the games. After being released on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, Dragon Ball FighterZ is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch. 

Although it has already been a year since game developer Bandai Namco announced Dragon Ball FighterZ at E3 2017, they returned to the expo this year to assure fans the game would be coming to the Switch this year. Dragon Ball Fighter Z has been a commercially successful game, and it offers a season pass service that allows gamers to get exclusive DLC. So far, several characters including Broly, Bardock, and Fused Zamasu have been introduced. New game modes and clans have also been added to the game since its release in January. 

A new Super Smash Bros. that incorporates every single playable character that has been used in the series will also be heading to the Switch. For a list of all the games that Nintendo announced at E3, head here