Dragon Ball FighterZ has been a resounding success with gamers across a plethora of platforms, as they delve into familiar territories to combat the evil lurking within. However, players who have become immersed in this latest iteration of the Dragon Ball universe have found ways to modify and update the game with some new protagonists ready to take battle.

A YouTube user by the name of Beatz has provided the most interesting inclusion into the video game by successfully adding Sonic the Hedgehog as a character to be used in combat. Sonic's upgraded self, also known as Super Sonic, also makes an appearance, deepening the immersive potential of Dragon Ball FighterZ by borrowing from Sega's classic roster of characters.

However, one user has taken the customizable aspects of the video game one step further by superimposing a Hollywood heavyweight on a supervillain. Frieza can be seen adorning images of Academy Award winner Nicholas Cage, who has become subject to a ceaseless stream of memes and other Internet gag humour. This is obviously more of an opportunity for one cunning player to inject a farcical joke into their virtual environment. 

Peep the videos below of these two modifications, and witness the Dragon Ball FighterZ world transform into a land of parody and reminiscence.