Dragon Ball Z games such as Dragon Ball Z: Budokai, Tenkaichi, and Dragon Ball Xenoverse captivated fans of the anime worldwide on gaming consoles. Now, the legendary series will be taking the same addicting gameplay to mobile phones.

Bandai Namco appeared at Google's Game Developers Conference on Sunday, and presented a new Dragon Ball Z game that will surely entice fans of the anime worldwide. The mobile game, which is called Dragon Ball Legends, will launch on iOS and Android later this year. Legends is a 3D game that runs on Google‘s Cloud Platform technology, which allows millions of users worldwide to interact with each other simultaneously.

Gameplay for the mobile installment has been built from the ground up. Unlike console and arcade fighting games, which require the memorization of multiple buttons for combinations moves, Legends will use "cards." Cards will appear at the bottom of the screen, and each one will be colored for a different form of attack. For example, hitting the red card will activate a melee attack and hitting a blue card will initiate a special move. By tapping several cards in succession, players will be able to initiate combos. 

Although players will battle 1v1, combatants will be able to bring up to three characters into battle with them. Check out footage of gameplay from the conference below.