Dragon Ball Super may have concluded, but the spirit of the anime lives on (as it always has). Toei Animation announced last month that they were planning on introducing the US and Canada to a live Dragon Ball tour. The company planned on hitting seven cities for the tour, to symbolize each of the seven dragon balls. Only one city was announced at the time, San Diego, but now Toei Animation has revealed five tour stops in total. The dates and locations are as follows:

San Diego - July 2018
Washington D.C. - August 2018
Toronto - August 2018
Portland - September 2018
New York City - October 2018

The tour will feature limited edition and rare content, customized for each city/dragon ball. There are still two events being planned to round up the seven cities, but Toei Animation has yet to release details. There is also a Dragon Ball movie slated to be released this winter. A new villain will be introduced, and fans are speculating that he will be a legendary Saiyan. Toei Animation dedicated an entire department to the popular anime series earlier this year, so new Dragon Ball content will continue to be revealed at alarming rates. The video game, Dragon Ball FighterZ, recently added cup clan battles and co-op play on top of making new DLC available.