Fans of Dragon Ball Super are still feeling the loss. The series concluded last month, with a truly epic ending, and now fans are yearning for any new Dragon Ball occurrences. Whether that be the fun and addicting Dragon Ball FighterZ video game, or the recently announced Dragon Ball Super movie that is slated to drop in December, fans of the series continuously seek a way to feed their anime craving. Last month, Toei Animation announced that they were creating a Dragon Ball department dedicated solely to creating new content for fans, and it looks like their first project will be coming this summer. 

Toei Animation hopped on Twitter to announce that they will be bringing a Dragon Ball tour to North America. 

The announcement came along with a trailer, and Toei revealed that the first stop on the seven-city tour will be in San Diego. Why only even cities you ask? Each city is meant to represent one of the seven Dragon Balls, and each event will have different exclusive content. While San Diego is the only city that's been revealed, it's safe to assume New York City and Toronto will also be included in the tour.  Check out the trailer for the tour below, and stay tuned for updates on the other locations as they are announced.