Earlier this week it was announced that three Dragon Ball Z movies were getting a remastered theatrical release in the US. Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan will debut on Saturday, September 15 and will also play on Monday, September 17. Then, in November there will be a Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Double Feature, which consists of Dragon Ball Z: Bardock — The Father of Goku and Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn. The first film is based on Broly and was released in 1993. Broly is one of the last survivors from Planet Vegeta, and he wages war upon the Z Fighters. The second film is centered around Goku's father Bardock and it premiered in 1990. The film shows the demise of Planet Vegeta, and how Goku escaped. The last film dropped in 1995 and follows the villain Janemba and his control over the afterlife. The films will all be dubbed in English.

Ticket sales for the three Dragon Ball Z films have begun, and you can cop yours here. Supplies are limited, but fans who purchase their tickets online will also receive a gift. "In addition to the features, audiences will view exclusive content and receive an exclusive trading card," states Fathom Events.