Dragon Ball Super ended this weekend, and fans are feeling the pain. When Dragon Ball Z ended, fans of the anime series felt like they lost their childhood. Losing Dragon Ball Super only amplifies that feeling for many, although the spirit of the show will live on through movie form. Episode 131 had an unexpected ending that didn't leave fans disappointed. Prior to the shows airing, Toei Animation released a series of interviews with the cast of the anime series. Voice actors for popular characters like Frieza and Goku spoke candidly about their run with the show, and what to expect in the future.

Ryusei Nakao, the voice actor who plays Frieza, wanted fans to know that although Dragon Ball Super is ending, the Dragon Ball franchise is far from over. "The TV series Dragon Ball Super ends here for now, but it doesn’t look like Dragon Ball itself is ending, so look forward to it," clarifies Nakao. "While I can’t predict what will happen to Freeza, I’m sure he’ll never reform and will think up more evil schemes. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens to Freeza, and I hope everyone else is too."

Voice actress Masako Nozawa, who plays Goku and Gohan along with other characters, gave fans hope for the upcoming movie as well. “While the TV anime is taking a little break, there’s still the movie in December, and I hope that another TV series will start up while the iron is still hot,” Nozawa stated. “I’m sure Goku will keep on training like always. Because the world of Dragon Ball will just keep on going and going!”