There's no arguing that Drake is the biggest thing in his hometown. He's basically the mayor of Toronto at this point. He's put on for his entire country as he's proudly repped the red and white throughout his rise to the top. Now that he's considered one of the biggest musicians in the world, Drake doesn't need to stress much anymore. He still finds time to extend his co-sign to those who he believes are deserving. In the last year, artists like Lil Baby, BlocBoy JB, Gunna, and Blueface have all gotten some love from the 6 God. One person that will not be receiving that coveted co-sign is Toronto rapper KG, who recently called out Drake in his Instagram story, exposing some alleged messages they exchanged privately.

These days, it's easy to doctor images to make it look like an actual direct message. We're not suggesting that Drake didn't actually send the texts but, for good measure, let's consider this information all to be alleged. Toronto rapper KG, a member of ScrapGang, sent a rude message to Drake by saying he's a "joke," accusing the OVO artist of not promoting his music because he knows he would "take over." In the supposed response, Drake wrote that Smiley, another rapper in the city, is "eating your food in the city along with like 10 other n***as." He goes on to write that KG can't make a good song to save his life.

KG has been promoting a new single on his profile. Could this all just be a ploy to boost views? What do you guys think? Is this just another rapper chasing clout by using Drake's name or do you think the messages are legitimate?