According to NBC Sports, Drake and Draymond Green managed to reconcile their differences after the game. If you'll recall, Drake gave Draymond Green a firm appraisal of his performance as the Warriors were being jettisoned from the court to the tunnel. I do believe "trash" was how Drake so eloquently described his defensive efforts against Spicy P. Shortly thereafter, Green and teammate Alfonzo McKinnie (among others) are believed to have joined Drake for an array of "tax-deductible" treats on the town.

"We was talking s--t," Green told NBC reporters on Saturday afternoon. "And we live in a day and age where people -- we live in a soft-ass world to where everything is a problem, and everything is a major issue. That’s the world we live in today, and so when someone sees people talking s--t to each other, it’s like, 'Oh my God, they hate each other,' but it's the typical overreaction into everything that's overreacted to in today's day in age."

It's unclear as to what said or agreed upon, but for Drake and Draymond Green to rebound so quickly after such a "trashy" showing on live TV: certainly, they're back to riding stirrup together. Yet I'm sure, Green and his Warriors' teammates will again be advised of Drake's gamesmanship leading up to tip-off - at 8 pm (tonight) in Toronto. Kevin Durant will not be in the lineup.