A cop working the security perimeter at the Houston concert showing of the Aubrey & the Three Migos Tour may have overstepped his limits while on the job. TMZ has recovered footage of the officer in question photographing "the derriere" of an unsuspecting concert-goer in a skin-tight dress. The whole ordeal was captured in the video below.

What the officer never suspected in his wildest dreams is that another concert-goer lay behind him videotaping his disorderly conduct. Thanks to dizzying layers of inception, and an encourageable voyeuristic scenario, footage not only exists of the cop taking the photo but of him admiring it as well (in real time). 

As this is occurring, you can discernibly hear OG Parker's "Slippery" beat and what appears to be Quavo performing the chorus, somewhere in the foreground. According to the TMZ report, the Houston Police Department is already looking into the matter. "The actions depicted on the video are not consistent with the expectations we have for our personnel," were their exact words in response to seeing the footage first hand.

On a more serious level, incidents of "voyeurism" such as these conjure up questions of decency, even before they become sexual in nature. Is it ethical to take someone's picture without their consent?

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