Nicki Minaj and Drake both paid their respects to victims of the mass shooting that occurred in New Zealand this past week. While the messages were delivered using different mediums, the manner in which they articulated was quite similar if not effective, Drake speaking to a live crowd, Nicki Minaj to her audience on Twitter.

During Drake's concert appearance in Paris, the same one his baby mother showed up for, the Canadian rapper paused for a brief moment to preach the gospel of acceptance and religious tolerance. "We got people from all races, all places, all religions. We in here showing love tonight," he motioned to the crowd. "So I want to send love to all the families that are affected. We are praying for you."

A day later, Nicki Minaj did the same with the aforementioned Tweet addressing the anti-Muslim manifesto uncovered after the shooting."My heart is with our Muslim brothers & sisters at this time; after the senseless act in New Zealand," she posted several hours ago. The manifesto that I speak of is an 87-page pamphlet written up by the mass shooter, Brenton Harrison Tarrant, a 28-year old Australian whose hateful agenda germinated over the course of the migrant crisis that reached a boiling point in 2015-2016.