French Montana is definitely having a great summer. With the success of "Unforgettable" he has been everywhere. The producers behind the smash single were interviewed by Billboard recently, where they revealed that the beat for the song of this summer was initially sent to the OVO Camp before French Montana and Swae Lee got their hands on it.

During their interview, they revealed that they were initially making the beat to send to Drake for Views. After sending the beat, they got a message back from the Toronto-based camp saying "Keep this beat. It's great."

The fact that OVO declined the beat didn't stop them in any way. They were still optimistic about who the beat would've ended up being given to. After they heard Swae Lee's reference track, they knew that they had a big single on their hand. 

During the interview, they did respond to French forgetting their names on a Breakfast Club interview.

"The producer isn't always in the studio with the artist when the song is being made. So it's pretty understandable, especially when the beat is being passed around and a lot of people are working on it." One of the members said.

While it would've definitely been interesting to hear what Drake would've done with the beat, you can't say that Swae Lee and French Montana's touch on the record didn't make it as big as it is.