Coronavirus has put many things on hold, including the music industry and the world on entertainment as a whole. Clubs and bars across the world have been forced to shut down as well as other types of establishments such as restaurant dining rooms, venues, and strip clubs. Thankfully, social media is still keeping things poppin'. Tory Lanez, for example, has regularly been transforming his Instagram Live into Quarantine Radio, filled with high-profile guests and tons of booty shaking.

Young Thug was among the guests that appeared on Quarantine Radio today. Though his appearance was brief, Thugger did reveal what exactly he was doing during this time of social distancing. When asked what he was doing to stay corona-free, Thugger simply responded, "Having sex." 

Following several segments of booty shaking, Drake joined Tory Lanez on Quarantine Radio where he also asked how he was staying corona-free, especially after hanging with Kevin Durant. With a large white wine spritzer in his hand and a Canadian accent as thick as poutine gravy, Drake replied, "Honestly, a glass of wine keeps the 'Rona away, boys." Drake later thanked Chris Brown for forcing him to get on Quarantine Radio.

Drake's rare appearance come shortly after he announced the release date for his next single, "Tootsie Slide" that arrives on Thursday. Peep the clip of Drake and Tory below.