Last night at Drake's show in Philadelphia, he took irreversible steps to squash his beef with Meek Mill once and for all, by bringing the Philly rapper onstage in his hometown. In the video of the show, Meek pops up through the floor on an automated platform, rising to shrieks from his happy fans who are now allowed to listen to Drake and rapping the intro to his album Dreams And Nightmares, one of his best verses.

The beef, which had previously been squashed in Boston a week ago, began two years ago when Meek Mill fired shots at Drake for hiring a ghostwriter, the now infamous (through no fault of his own) Quentin Miller. Drake came back with "Charged Up" and then "Back To Back" when Meek Mill didn't respond fast enough and it was pretty much done. Earlier this year, on "Family Feud" off of Lil Wayne's Dedication 6: Reloaded, Drake began the process of forgiveness, perhaps feeling bad that Meek had been sent to jail for riding a dirt bike: "I want my paper long like 'A Milli' verse/or to long like a sentence from a Philly judge/Fuck is the point of beefing when we really blood." Fast forward half a year, and the two are better friends than ever.