Drake has made sure to keep the surprises coming while he's been on tour in Europe. He's played some new music, brought out some guests, and reunited with his Young Money family. Yesterday, Drake shared yet another exciting prospect, posting a photo of a meet-up with Donald Glover (AKA rapper and singer Childish Gambino) and producer Nineteen85.


"Very inspiring humans," he captioned the post. While it's not clear exactly what Drake, Glover, and 85 (who produced "Hotline Bling" and much of VIEWS) were doing in the same room, it's possible that the three artists could be working on some music together.

Last we heard, Drake's More Life playlist was set to arrive before the end of February. We've heard clips of two new songs from Drake over the course of his Euro tour, but we're still not entirely sure what to expect from the project, which Nineteen85 himself said would showcase the talent of a range of other artists.

More Life is interesting because this is [Drake] right on the peak of his biggest project yet [with Views], doing his biggest tour and still having so many good ideas that he just wants to put out without making it a big ordeal. That's why he's trying to call it a playlist because he has a bunch of people in a space, hanging out.... He's so aware of what everybody else is doing musically that he likes to introduce new music and new artists to the rest of the world.

At the very least, we know that Glover is giving Drake some inspiration. How that will materialize is yet to be seen.

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