Drake has always been a good sport when it comes to taking and making jokes. He's always trying to keep things positive and light, which we could all use during times like this. We haven't heard from Drake in a few days but it's possible that he was getting used to the quarantine life like the rest of us. However, that changed yesterday when he decided to share the news and congratulations that poured in after he set the record for most entries on the Hot 100 list, with 208. 

drake sets record for most top 100 entries songs glee beatles Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Drake's friend and long-time collaborator, Quavo, took the time out of his quarantine to congratulate Drake on his milestone. We're sure Quavo and the rest of the hip-hop community was inspired and motivated by the news.  

In the last series of stories Drake posted, he was in close corners with the official OVO-barber, GetFaded. As the barber was lining up Drake's "stache", Drake would shout and make weird cringe faces, claiming that he was scared. It was hilarious. His barber, who was clearly having a good time, was also quite annoyed. "F*ck off" he had to tell The Boy a couple of times, to no avail. We're not sure how long the haircut took, but being a fly on the wall in that room would have been fun.