Despite the massive success of Drake and Lil Durk's first collaboration, "Laugh Now, Cry Later" Durk used their second collaboration, Certified Lover Boy's "In the Bible" to promote his girlfriend, India Royale, instead of himself. 

Coming off the heels of Durk and Royale having to both shoot their way out of an armed home intrusion and Durk's claims that he is "really sad inside" and wants to have another son with Royale, the Chicago rapper used his forty-ish seconds on CLB to give Royale the love and exposure she deserves. 

Starting his verse with a couple mentions of Royale's clout and sway with designers like Gucci, Pucci and Virgil Abloh, the menswear director at Louis Vuitton. He adds in a line about King Von, a nod to his fallen brother, and jumps right back to praising India and promoting what she's got going on.

"India Royale cosmetic, I'm just promotin' my b*tch // Drake song do a billion streams for sure, I'm just promotin' her sh*t," Durk rapped on "In the Bible." 

The Voice of the Heroes rapper had already received a ton of praise for namedropping his girl on a Drake track to promote her beauty brand but last night, after posting a pic with Royale to IG using his "In the Bible" lyrics as a caption, the Certified Lover Boy himself hopped in the comments to co-sign the lyrics. 

"U ain't lie..." Drizzy said, dropping a crying, laughing emoji to follow.

Drake, who has been in a bit of an Instagram back-and-forth himself, definitely knew what Durk was doing promoting India Royale Cosmetics on a song he knew would do a billion streams just because that's what Drake songs do and, based on The Six God's emoji choice, it doesn't seem like the Toronto rapper was too upset about it. 

And how could he? Last week, in between Durk's initial promo verse and the IG post in question, Durk let everybody know that Drake is "the real GOAT," making it clear that it's all love between the "Laugh Now, Cry Later" counterparts. 

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