Kobe Bryant passed away alongside his daughter and seven others in a helicopter crash on January 26th. The news sent immediate shockwaves throughout the NBA and the world. Numerous players have come out with tributes to the legend while celebrities have coped in their own unique ways. All of these tributes have been touching and are incredible demonstrations of how much Kobe truly meant to people all throughout the world.

Drake recently showed off his very own tribute while filming an Instagram story from his indoor court. As you can see in the video below, Drake has the numbers 8 and 24 on the wall of his court, with each number placed on the left and right sides of his scoreboard. It's a nice subtle tribute that will always remind him and his friends of what Kobe meant to the game of basketball.

Drake has been a huge basketball fan for a long time now so the tribute shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. The Canadian artist spends a lot of time in his indoor court so it only makes sense that he would pay homage in such an appropriate place. Not to mention, with everything going on in the world, we can imagine Drake has been spending an increased amount of time in his court.

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